Group Training
Implement a resistance-based strength and conditioning program for your dancers to address choreography-specific performance demands.
PP Description

Supplemental training or just... training?

Our group training programs are created and designed in collaboration with you, with a piece of choreography or performance in mind.

Depending on what is required of the dancers, program design can range from emphasis on floorwork, to cardiovascular endurance, to choreography-specific movement patterns.

Sessions will be co-run by a certified personal trainer and a physical therapist.

If you are a dance teacher/dance team representative or coach looking to bring back information to your team, please see our Performance Prehab option.

Currently our group sessions are:

• Groups of 5 or more dancers.

• Ages 14+ (can be discussed).

• 1-2x/week for 4-6 weeks preferred for minimal benefit.

• Resistance/weight training based held onsite at our location.

• All participants will be educated on safe resistance and weight training techniques.


- Choreography specific warm up / prep
- Exercises outside of in-person training day
- Physical therapy consult support.
- Discounted DANCE|PREHAB offerings during participation.

• $25/session for first 5 people
• $20 for each additional person.
• Limit 16 dancers.
*Our availability is currently limited due to facility scheduling, but open to discussion!